What I Wish I Knew About DISTRIBUTION & MARKETING with Nicola Rose

In today’s Indie Movie Mastery Podcast “What I Wish I Knew” video I ask the passionate, prolific and helpful direct, Nicola Rose what she wishes she knew about DISTRIBUTION & MARKETING

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Nicola Rose is a director and producer in New York City. Her film Creative Block, a bilingual short about creativity and depression, is currently making the rounds and winning awards at festivals. Her subsequent film In the Land of Moonstones is now in post-production. Her latest project, Gabrielle, a short film about overcoming bullying and finding your talents, will wrap production in November 2018. Nicola graduated from Columbia University and the Sorbonne-Nouvelle University in Paris. She also freelances as an editor and independent casting director and is for hire both in NYC and remotely. Visit her website to contact her.

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