Indie Movie Mastery Podcast with Guest Jenn Page

The Indie Movie Mastery Podcast is formatted to walk through the 5 phases of producing a project – development, funding, production, distribution and marketing. I ask my guests what challenges they’ve had in those 5 areas and how they overcame those challenges in the hopes of giving you insight into the producing process as well as some ideas on how you might make your movie dreams into real-life realities.

Jenn Page is not only an award-winning director, she’s also one of the most inspiring, passionate and insightful humans I’ve come across.

In this episode, the passion she exudes for her craft as well as the advice she gives is palpable. You won’t want to miss her advice for overcoming the various challenges you’ll face during the 5 phases of producing and her advice for creating the career and life of your dreams. so give it a listen and as always, share if you’ve found value.

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Jenn Pagehas directed and produced multiple feature films, branded series, music videos, live stage shows, and a TV talk show. Determined and passionate, Jenn has a reputation for taking on tough projects and exceling against the odds. Although she’s directed in almost every genre, she’s most drawn to romantic dramedy and musical projects. Some of her work includes the multi-award-winning comedy musical feature film “Waiting in the Wings” starring Lee Meriwether and Shirley Jones, the award-winning musical comedy web series “My Two Black Girlfriends,” the multi-award-winning “The Breakout: A Rock Opera,” and the International Academy of Web Television’s live awards show hosted by Tony award-winner Roger Bart. Most recently, she completed “Playing with Beethoven,” a classical piano-based feature film that is currently in post-production.

Jenn is a member of the professional group “Alliance of Women Directors,” where she is on the Board of Directors and the Co-chair of the Career Advancement Program. She was selected as one of fifty women in Hollywood for “50 Women Can Change The World in Media & Entertainment.” She is also the owner and founder of “Heart on Fire Productions, Inc.” a full-service production company.

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