Indie Movie Mastery is the brainchild of award-winning producer, Jenna Edwards and is committed to helping filmmakers overcome the inevitable challenges that come along with making their movie dreams into real-life realities.

We believe in radical optimism and productive positivity which to us means deciding on a dream to pursue, identifying where you are, figuring out where to go and taking the steps necessary to get there.

Through our online course, Jenna explains what she calls “The 5 Phases of Producing” which are: Development, Funding, Production, Distribution and Marketing.

We believe that if you understand these 5 phases and how to work through each of them, you truly can create the career and lives of your dreams.

We also recognize that you need ideas on how to overcome the obstacles and motivation to keep going once you’ve decided to dive in. So, Jenna hosts a weekly podcast where she talks with filmmakers and other media creators about how they did it so you have some examples of how you might go about it. There’s also the Indie Movie Mastery Motivation group on Facebook where you can go, for free, for some motivation while you’re working toward your dreams.

Jenna truly believes anything is possible. She also believes that there’s a million ways to do anything and looks at filmmaking like a dance. Once you learn the steps (the 5 phases), you can figure out how to make the dance your own (the podcast and the Facebook group will give you some ideas on how). The goal of this combination is that you can really hone in on how you can make your dreams come true.

If you dream it, it’s possible and we hope that Indie Movie Mastery can help you get there.



With a passion for acting and the business of show-business, Jenna moved to Burbank, CA in 2000. Soon after, she appeared in UNSOLVED MYSTERIES, BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER and MALCOLM IN THE MIDDLE.

In 2008 she produced her first feature, the award-winning film, APRIL SHOWERS. Building on the success of April Showers and with the firmly held belief that filmmakers can take their careers into their own hands, Jenna produced the first narrative feature film exclusively for Hulu.

Jenna helped create and was the “resident producing advisor” on the Movie Maker Magazinetop ranked podcast, FILM METHODand wrote an advice column called the Film Method Mailbag. She also taught producing at New York Film Academy.

Years of teaching, consulting and coaching filmmakers made Jenna want to do more so she started her company, Indie Movie Masterywhich focuses on teaching the art of producing through an online courseand encouraging filmmakers to think outside the box though her podcastand blogs.

Jenna is also a contributing writing to the online resource, Ms in the Biz and can be seen speaking to filmmakers at film festivals all over the world.  She is currently traveling cross country for a year with her husband and their dog #lifeinateardrop