“With Jenna, there is no such thing as ‘cannot be done’” – Alice Dranger

I first began working with Jenna when I moved to Los Angeles.  I approached her about a script that I’d written.  Jenna’s immediate response was both practical and encouraging.  That initial response largely sums up Jenna’s style.  She is incredibly practical and has a wealth of information.

I am the Queen of excuses framed as logical arguments, and Jenna breaks down every one time and again.  With Jenna, there is no such thing as “cannot be done”.  She always has a way of getting around, over, or through an obstacle and she communicates that in such a grounded and encouraging manner that it is impossible to not listen to her very excellent advice. 

Jenna has managed to accomplish so much for herself and she is incredibly free and generous with her experiences.  When working with Jenna, I have no doubt that she has my back or that she’s in my corner.  She is so positive that everything seems possible with her and so practical that she can back that positivity up.

I had a project that I thought was far too complicated to be filmed, that had too many issues with locations, that couldn’t be done.  Jenna took one look at it, declared it as marketable, and now, a year later, I have filmed the trailer for the project that I wanted and with her help and guidance was able to do it under budget.

As an actor, Jenna really has helped me take my power back, to really be in a position to produce my own work and take control of my career.

Alice Dranger  | Actress/Filmmaker

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