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Jenna Edwards grew up with her parents playing in a rock band. From an early age, she learned that there is more business than show in show-business.

Having spent the last 16 years in the Los Angeles entertainment business as an actor, award-3232-Final-3-PNG copy300winning producer and teacher, Jenna is now on a mission to change the landscape of Indie Film. Using her experience as one of the 1st producers to ever “day and date” a movie in the theaters and on iTunes at the same time as well as producing the 1st narrative feature for Hulu, Jenna intends to help filmmakers understand how to get their films made at a high-level while not taking NO for an answer in order to get your movie out to its audience.

“The world of film is open to all who have the passion to overcome the inevitable obstacles
they will face when making their dream into a reality” – Jenna Edwards

For more info on Jenna and to learn how to book her for speaking engagements, please visit her website at

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  • “With Jenna, there is no such thing as ‘cannot be done’” – Alice Dranger

    I first began working with Jenna when I moved to Los Angeles.  I approached her about a script that I’d written.  Jenna’s immediate response was both practical and encouraging.  That initial response largely sums up Jenna’s style.  She is incredibly practical and has a wealth of information.

    I am the Queen of excuses framed as logical arguments, and Jenna breaks down every one time and again.  With Jenna, there is no such thing as “cannot be done”.  She always has a way of getting around, over, or through an obstacle and she communicates that in such a grounded and encouraging manner that it is impossible to not listen to her very excellent advice.  (more…)

  • “I loved being mentored by such a positive and goal-driven person” – Kelsey Snelling

    Jenna breaks down large problems into manageable pieces that help filmmakers get through those overwhelming first steps. It’s generally difficult for artists to think in terms of time, budget, and achievable concrete plans, especially when they lack the experience necessary to navigate the business world of entertainment. I loved being mentored by such a positive and goal-driven person, especially because she has that producer-perspective that I, as a creative, intrinsically lack.

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